Group Photography in London and the South East

My name is Rob Petherick and group photography is a speciality of mine.  In a nutshell, I take great pictures of people who work in offices.

As a commercial photographer in London, I help my business clients to define what’s unique about them through visual images. Team and group photography describes your business as a whole and could make a substantial difference to your website. How? It’s that old yet well-established yet simple concept of people buying into other people.

My aim is to work with a group of people to make them look dynamic, interesting and importantly, interested in their audience. For example, engaging images of your staff in a meeting.

Real, or Not?

Corporate photography, previously dominated by obvious stock or image bank photos, has changed. In my experience, today’s businesses are increasingly aware of the importance of using a specialist corporate photographer to make a connection between themselves and the people looking for their services.

Real” images are so much more powerful than stock photography.

How it Works

Firstly, think about location. It doesn’t have to be in your offices. Also, ask your team to consider what they plan to wear in case there are some wildly clashing colours or styles.

A really excellent team or group shot normally takes a little longer than an individual headshot. Normally, I allow about 20 minutes, sometimes longer. I’ll use this time to “arrange” members of your group into a good composition or shape, making sure that the entire group is lit correctly.

Also, this time frame gives people time to relax and to feel comfortable.

During the shoot, the group has the opportunity to adjust their position, where they’ve placed their arms and legs – even their expressions! I take several shots for obvious reasons: people may blink, forget to smile, or be looking elsewhere. In all honesty, it happens.  It’s fine. 

My role is to make everyone look good. And yes, it can be done, and I do it, modesty aside.

Corporate group and team photography is about brand recognition. How you wish others to perceive the abilities of your business. What do the images on your website say about your company?

I’d be pleased to discuss my services and how I can help your business. Please contact me, Rob Petherick through this website.