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Commercial Photography in London

About Rob Petherick 

Photography runs through me, like letters in a stick of Brighton Rock.  In all honesty, commercial photography in London is my dream job.

Picture the scene. I was a small child with a mission: to take pictures of my family on days out with my little box camera. Then, setting up my home-grown “studio” in my bedroom with my much-treasured SLR camera, a present from my Mum and Dad on my 14th birthday.

I trained in audio-visual design at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design and then in photography at Westminster City College.

Photography: It’s Everything I Do and Have Ever Done

With the exception of a mercifully brief stint in the civil service, I’ve spent my whole working life in photography. First, in full-time employment, including working for London University and the Greenwich Maritime Museum, then starting my own business about 20 years ago.

Is that rare? Indeed, yes. in fact, very rare. How I got here has been seamless.

As a commercial photographer in London, I work for banks, insurance companies, technology and professional services businesses in London.  Essentially, they employ me to capture events, product launches, conference.  And, of course, headshots for websites. In fact, much of my work involves commercial portraits.

I’ve captured historical memorabilia for a high-profile Trade Union.  And, I’ve used my lighting skills to document pictures for galleries and museums.  Also, I’ve taken images of amazing product launches.  Not to mention photographs of the Chelsea team on an away-day team-building session. Incidentally, they were paintballing. 

My aim is to capture the best in people, regardless of their status and stature.  Such as?  Well, Tony Blair, whilst he was Prime Minister. And, interestingly, HM The Queen.

My Approach

Actually, I’m super-efficient. No faffing about. No fuss. How?  Because I set up quickly and put people at their ease.  However, I still get the job done to the highest possible standards. It’s about doing it right the first time.

My approach is highly professional. It’s the event, your staff, keynote speaker or product that are the star of the show.  Me?  Not so much.  In fact, not at all. In my opinion, I make my subjects look good whilst blending into the surroundings.  Yes, even in challenging lighting conditions or awkward spaces.

I care about your marketing as much as you do. The result? A consistent, professional look and feel to showcase your business at its best.

Do get in touch if you’d like some more information.