Location Photographer

My location and travel photography offers striking, impactful images of people, places, events and architecture throughout the world. And, of course, closer to home here in the UK. During my career as a location photographer, I’ve been lucky enough to photograph many fascinating, iconic places throughout the world.

As a definition, travel and location photography depicts streets, landscapes and cityscapes.  Also, buildings, people and their culture. It goes without saying that some images are timeless, yet some capture a brief moment in time. Essentially, wonderful places and amazing moments can be preserved for ever.

Travel Photography for Your Business

Travel photography covers a wide variety of subjects, in diverse circumstances. I offer a broad range of skills, with picture-perfect images for:

  • Magazines
  • Advertising
  • Image banks
  • Brochures
  • Travel companies
  • Online media

My location work could feature famous tourist landmarks one day, and wide-open spaces the next.  Perhaps I may take photographs of  intricate brickwork, brought into sharp early-morning relief.  Then, a perfect setting sun, complete with bursts of red and orange hues. There could be brilliant clear sunshine, or a dark, threatening sky.

People, places, and situations. Colours, textures, abstract shapes. These are pictures that describe, define and communicate. In short, these are my pictures. 

However, it’s not always about being spectacular. I have extensive commercial experience. Discuss with me your requirements for images that show the internal or external aspects of your office complex, gallery or building at their professional best.

What It Takes to Create Fabulous Location and Travel Photographs

Successful travel photographers possess not only technical knowledge, but also an understanding of composition, colour and texture. And, I need to be adaptable and well organised. Also, to be curious about other cultures. Respectful, of course.  But, also patient.  Above all, great location photographs need perseverance and resilience.

I have the experience to understand lighting and weather conditions, as well as the right time and the best vantage point for memorable photographs.

Working with Me…

is easy. Contact me with an outline of your location or travel photography project, and we’ll get the conversation started.