Headshot Photographer

I’m a headshot photographer based in London, working with businesses in and around the South East. Regardless of your industry sector, good quality headshots could make all the difference to how your target market sees your company. Although nobody owns up to this, we all make instantaneous judgements on how others come across, especially on a website. And, we act accordingly.

Do you all look professional? Does the team come across as a cohesive group? Importantly, put yourself in your prospect’s shoes. Are you the type of people that your potential clients would like to do business with?

The Benefits of Commercial Headshot Photography

You’ll show your staff in the best light. Having poor images is as bad as none at all. Bad or low-quality images could damage your reputation.

You’ll also put your business in the best light. You’ll be showing that yes, you have hired me to take all these attractive high-quality photos, clearly showing that the right kind of marketing is important to your company.

Also, you’ll have a consistent style; each person, although clearly an individual, will be shot to conform to a particular corporate “look and feel”, whatever you would like that to be.

It’s all about empathy and trust. Linking what your company does to the people behind the action is essential. For example, a warm, likable image of your future Account Manager (the person who will look after your client’s business) evokes confidence in that person instantly.

Images for LinkedIn, CVs and business cards. LinkedIn profiles with photographs get viewed more often. Why not enable your staff to introduce themselves directly with a great photo?

Working with a Headshot Photographer. My Approach

I work quickly, but thoroughly and efficiently. Most people don’t like a camera pointing at them, so I make sure that everyone is treated respectfully so that they feel totally at ease before we start.

Moreover, I notice nervous or anxious people – we’re all human after all – so I aim to make everything easy and relaxed. Some people are surprised to realise afterwards that it was quite fun. Yes, really!

You’ll have a set of edited photographs within 3 working days.

If you’d like to get in touch, please do so. Excellent business headshots deliver the right message, in the right way.