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Corporate Photography Services

Not all corporate photography services are the same. And, in my opinion, neither are the people who offer them.

I’ve been into photography all my life, so much so that I’ve never done anything else as a profession. It’s always been about me and my camera – but even more, about the people, places and things that I take pictures of.

In brief, you could say that photography is my life.

Here are just a few reasons for work with me:

My Experience

To expand on the above, I’ve got over 20 years’ commercial photography experience. My work has encompassed historical artwork photography, including documenting paintings, as well as business portraits, team photography, events, conferences, launch events, company away days and so on. In truth, the breadth and depth of my work is substantial.

For you as my client, my experience is your gain. My knowledge enables me to know what will work, and what won’t. I understand lighting (super-important). I know about colours, composition, and image structure. This means that I can deliver images to the very highest standard.

My Understanding of People

It’s a truth universally acknowledged…that most people don’t like having their photo taken.

This, I appreciate. So, I make sure to put everyone at ease. Importantly, I read body language, and I have, in my opinion, professional empathy. In other words, I can relate to others well.

At events, I’m the guy with a camera round his neck who never gets in the way. I’m calm and organised. Practical, too. What’s more, I’m always aware of my surroundings and of what’s going on around me. It’s not about me. It’s about your business, your event, your conference.

My Charging Structure

I charge a set fee. There are no hidden extras or supplementary charges over and above our negotiated fee. You’ll know what the final bill will be before I take a single picture.

First Time, Every Time

I’m happy to report that I’ve never had to do a re-shoot. Why? Because my photography know-how enables me to avoid the pitfalls and how best to set up, shoot and edit.

If you’d like to get in touch, please feel free to do so. Good images are everything that’s excellent about your business.