Event photographer in London and the South

If you have the budget for an event, booking a photographer will help preserve it for ever in the memories of those who were there.  Also, for those were weren’t, such as your future customers and suppliers. Therefore, an investment like yours deserves to be documented properly.  I’m an experienced event photographer in London.  And, I’m at your service. 

Whether for external or internal marketing, I can capture your event in a variety of photographic “tones of voice”

What types of events?

In short, everything and anything. From super-charged product launches, office celebrations, through to awards ceremonies.  Not to mention high-end company dinners and conferences.  Even political summits.  You’ll have all the images you need for an impactful marketing campaign.

Put the camera phone down

For a big event, engaging a professional photographer, rather than going down the “selfie” route is by far the best option.  Why? Because professionals like me are more likely to produce better, more satisfying, and quite frankly more flattering results. With my keen, creative eye I can take natural-looking photographs.  Pictures in both black and white and colour that won’t embarrass anyone.

As an experienced event photographer, I use a mixture of styles.  For example, reportage, staged or formal, depending on the situation, location and type of event. Being flexible enables me to get the very best out of people.

What are the benefits of an event photographer?

  • My subtle professional presence helps people present themselves better and can portray your business in a positive light.  Also, I know how to put people at their ease.  This way, I can ensure that they enjoy the event.  Moreover, they look good.  And, it’s a natural look, too. 
  • Lighting is a Thing.  Trust me to get this right the first time, and every time.
  • Capturing people mid-conversation – well, that’s a thing, too. I’ve got all the expertise and know how you need to make this issue disappear. For example, you won’t receive images of the team with their eyes closed or pulling strange expressions.
  • I’ll know in advance what the key moments are and will be there to record them.

Incidentally, for event photography, as for all my work, I charge a set fee. With Rob Petherick Photography, there’s no hidden extras. Just a fabulous set of photographs to look forward to. Contact me to find out more.