Corporate Photographer in London and South East

High quality business photography could help your business grow. How? Because, as a corporate photographer with over 20 years’ experience, I know that visual messages are vitally important.  Consequently, regardless of industry sector, photographs taken specifically to a corporate brief can promote your services, people and products.  In this case, with a skilled, highly professional flourish.

I’m a commercial photographer with over 20 years’ experience. With an understanding of people first and commercial markets second, I believe I truly know the difference between a good photograph and a great one.

My experience enables me to work with you to develop your brief, either beforehand or on the day. Also, to adapt or change it should the situation change.

My work includes:

Professional Headshots

In my opinion, as a corporate photographer, images from a mobile phone are not appropriate. The reason?  Well, Google Analytics shows us very clearly that people nearly always look at your Meet the Team page first. For the most part, this is because people buy people.

Whether you have a staff of 200 or 20, I’ll put everyone at their ease and make the process fast and painless. In addition to being prompt and organised, I also read people very well. This is important.  In general, nobody likes having their photograph taken.  So, I make it as easy as possible. Besides, my subjects have even been known to enjoy the process…

And, you’ll have all your edited images (we’ll agree the number beforehand) within 3 working days.  Read more about my portrait photography.

Event photography

Event photography can generate fresh content for your website or newsletters and are about preserving and sharing good memories. From product launches to company celebrations, even energetic away days, my role is to capture your business in a positive light.  

Location photography

The UK and the rest of the world have some amazing sights and places to photograph. Let me take evocative images of the texture, colours and the sheer amazing splendour of buildings, houses, and all types of rural and commercial spaces.

Editorials and Press Release Photography

Your readership wants to hear from you, you know.  I can help your business highlight news and views. Good photography can deliver very powerful messages.  What’s mroe, it will support the ideas and the meaning in the copy very well. My images can accompany your words to great effect.  Great images will engage the reader and will persuade, educate and inform.

Promotional Material

My work isn’t just about supporting your internet presence. Generally, most if not all businesses will need fabulous printed promotional material at some stage. So,  so let me take images of people, places and things.  Perhaps some sharp images of products, or the people who work for you. Consider photographs for your brochure, leaflets and flyers.  Also for billboards, boardroom books and business cards.

Product Photography

I’ll bring your products to life and into sharp focus.  My role is to take outstanding images that focus on design features and all the main selling points. Whether on an e-commerce platform, a brochure or catalogue, my skills can help your products fly off those shelves and into your customers’ homes.

Alternatively, why not ask me to document and catalogue artworks or artefacts? An accurate record preserves valuable items in detail.  And, it could prove essential if you need to make an insurance claim.

I can capture images in a studio, a staged environment or in situ. Just as a point of interest, I’ve even managed to make bollards look interesting.  As you do.

Case Study Photography

Got some good news about a happy client? Excellent. It goes without saying that some great images could help tell a great story.

Case studies should generally follow a Situation – Task – Action – Result process. I’ll take effective images to accompany these key stages.  Or, perhaps just “before and after” images, for example.  As a result, you could showcase your product or service in the best possible way. I’d be happy to offer my advice on how best to complement your business case studies.