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Corporate Photography in London

Undoubtedly, images of your staff say a lot about your business. And, good quality corporate photography speaks volumes.  In short, I can help your organisation to find its “voice” – in images.  Whether taken in an office environment or elsewhere, rightly or wrongly, the pictures you choose for your company website will be judged. 

And, hopefully, they’ll meet the approval of your audience. That being the case, what sort of images do you have on your website right now? 

In my opinion, you’re sending a subliminal yet strong message to your internet visitors.  Or, those people reading your brochure. Perhaps that could be about your company’s success. Alternatively, maybe you’re confirming your current customers’ faith in your products and services.

Working with a Corporate Photography Specialist 

Firstly, email me with some details. Not only dates and locations, but also the numbers of people involved – and what they do. Next, have you thought about the “image” you wish to convey? Don’t worry if you’re not sure. This isn’t prescriptive. As an experienced photographer, I’d be happy to offer you some ideas.

I’ll respond promptly with all the information you need.  Also, I’ll email links to or attached images of my previous work to help you decide.

Managing Your Expectations

So, let’s assume that you need photographs for a Meet the Team page. As an example, I’ll know that for 8-10 people I will need to be in your office (or any other setting) for about half a day.

In other words, to maximise time and resources, I’ll always understand how long the project will take. And, I work efficiently, making economical use of the time available to me. For my clients, this means better value for money.

How Many Photos?

Generally, for a large team you can expect 6 images per person, and for an individual commercial portrait, say about 30.

What’s more, you don’t have to make a choice of photographs. You’ve invested in my time; you’re paying a set fee and they all belong to you.

Your Images Are on Their Way

Barring disasters, you will receive your photos digitally by ftp transfer no later than 3 working days after the shoot, often the next day!

So, there you have it. I’d like to think that I’m a good mix of easy going and professional, as well as someone focused on delivering high quality work. Working with me is easy. Or, so people tell me. Would you like to have a chat about how I can help?