Editorial Photography in London and South East

As a commercial photographer based in the South East, I’m an authority in professional images for editorials. With my editorial photography, I offer a “real”, authentic look to images,.  In brief, I can bring your article, opinion or commentary piece to vibrant life.  These are photographs that support the copy to the very highest standards.

The result? A powerful mix of visual and written communication truly to engage the reader.  And, to keep them fully absorbed in what you’ve written.

What is Editorial Photography?

In summary, my editorial images accompany your text. Although these photographs help to communicate a message, it’s here that “standard” commercial photography starts to part company with editorial work. Here’s why: 

Whilst commercial images can subtly (or otherwise) promote and persuade, editorial pictures aim to convey a story, or an idea.  For example, they wouldn’t be used in an advert. Editorial photography illustrates a point of view, or a theme.

And so, if you can imagine an article having a particular personality, a series of editorial photographs can help to convey it.

Images can be candid. Or, perhaps more structured and planned.

You could see my work in:

  • Newspapers
  • Magazine articles
  • Essays
  • Textbooks
  • White papers

The Benefits of Editorial Photography

Perhaps I’m biased, but whilst words are great, pictures can be even better.

Our brains process images faster and more effectively than text. And, we retain them for longer. Therefore, my editorial image photography can help to break up your article into sections. As a result, this can be ultra-useful, as it creates a powerful, ongoing narrative.  In other words, it keeps the reader, reading!

Essentially, editorial photographs will signpost and complement what you’re saying. Your point? Illustrated perfectly in both senses of the word.

Why Work with Me?

Because I have the skills and experience you need to capture images that are relevant and meaningful to your piece, whatever it may be. My job is to strengthen your words, offering a strong visual context to your story. Contact me today.