Case Study Photography in London

I offer effective, high-quality case study photography to the commercial sector in London and the South East. At serious risk of a cliché, a picture really does speak a thousand words.

In truth, satisfied clients are satisfying, aren’t they? Do you have some good news to share with future and existing customers about a job well done? If so, a case study is an excellent idea. Let your happy customer sell for you. It’s obvious that your target market will appreciate real-life accounts of how your services made a positive difference to your client’s working day.

Undoubtedly, they’re thinking about how you could help them.

Some great case study photography could turn your piece from meaningful to marvellous. Essentially, the photos that accompany your piece should be clear, unambiguous and tell a powerful story. And, I can do this for you.

How to Write a Case Study

OK, in brief, your ideal case study should feature the following:

Situation. What was happening; issues with processes and so on

Task. What you agreed that you would do

Action. What you actually did and how you did it

Result. The benefits of what you did and the problems you solved

How to Create Great Images for Your Case Study

This is where I come in. Ideally, we’re looking at your customer’s “lifecycle” here, so I’d be happy to take “before” images, as well as those “during” (if appropriate) and of course, “after”. In this case, I’ll aim to define a distinct difference at each point. I’ll capture noticeable changes that will be clearly visible in the final images.

However, you may decide to involve me after the fact, so there’s no problem with pictures just of the end result.

I take pictures of machinery, equipment, industrial procedures and of people doing things. Let’s work together to tell your customer’s good news story from start to finish.

If you’d like to get on my case about case studies, you are welcome to email me through this website.